Al Hai & Al Mukaddam for Geotechnical Works, abbreviated as AHAM, is committed to safeguard the Health and Safety of its employees and of all those who may be affected by our works. It also recognizes the vital importance of discharging its statutory obligations and placing Health & Safety matters as an over riding priority.

Across the AHAM organization the minimum acceptable H&S standards are those required by relevant national and international legalizations.

All staff, workforce and others employed by AHAM and their subcontractors shall comply with this policy, aiming constantly for “Zero Accident Tolerance”.

It is meant to be used by our management, supervisory staff workforce, subcontractors and all other interested parties for improving and maintaining the health and safety of our employees and the general public, who might be affected by our work.

The company shall provide continuous training to ensure that all levels of employees, including sub-contractors, understand implement and maintain our health and safety policy and are competent to carry out their definite duties. In this connection, it is the duty of every employee, including subcontractors, to report un-safe conditions and rectify them immediately when observed.

We are fully dedicated to continue and improving our Quality Management System and Health and Safety procedures in order to ensure the best and safest work possible.
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