AHAM, established in 1976, have been involved on various major projects and primarily known for problem solving when it comes to Geotechnical Investigation. Our operators and drilling crews are compliant, properly trained and have received accreditation from Dubai AccreditationAlt Center (DAC) for both rotary and percussion drilling. We are also accredited from the Ministry of Environment (MoE) and ASHGAL in the State of Qatar. All our machineries are imported from well-known international manufacturers such as Nordmeyer, Acker, Mobile and Dando which are guaranteed excellent in condition. Through continuous servicing in our workshop apart from the annual visit of our supplier to inspect and rectify immediately the possible defects identified on this equipment, hence keeping the equipment in their best performance.

AHAM are specialists in the field of Soil Investigation and Material Testing as well as Pile Testing and 3rd Party Quality Supervision. We provide specialized techniques in the field of soil investigation including diagraphy drilling (Real Time Data Acquisition), wire line drilling technology in addition to the conventional drilling methods.

AHAM also provides advanced geotechnical and geophysical mapping tests include Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT), Geophysical Seismic Logging (PS Logging), Pressuremeter Testing, Packer Testing, In-situ Instrumentation in the form of installing inclinometers, strain gauges, tilt meter, crack meters as well as building and ground settlement points.

We can also provide pile testing for cast in-situ piles as well as driven piles in the form of pile instrumentation, pile dynamic testing (PDA), Cross-Hole Analyzer (CHA), Mechanical Calliper Logging as well as supervision of static load test and lateral load tests.

AHAM have the most up to date chemical and physical testing for concrete, concrete trial mixes, aggregate, steel, soil and waterproofing membranes and cons. We also conduct electrical as well as thermal resistivity for soil and thermal resistivity for concrete. Our expertise is also extended to concrete quality assurance in which all in-situ and laboratory tests are carried out by experienced engineers and technicians from our firm starting from slump testing and temperature testing, preparing cubes up to testing the cubes and its durability.

As part of our constant improvement in the field of construction we also carry out structural assessment of existing structures in the form of destructive and non-destructive testing in the form of core cutting, ultrasonic testing, carbonation depth, ferroscan (steel cover measurement), Schmidt hammer.
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